The city of Man

This part of Ivory Coast is very rich in tradition heritage. City of Man and its area are the standard bearer of the ivorian tourism for a long time because they summarize the richness of this tourism. African art, traditions, the beauty of the landscape invite to a visit.


Very characteristic for its shape, the famous "Dent de Man" proudly overlooks the whole city. For a long time, the city of Man and its region, have been the representatives of Ivorian tourism : simply because they represent a condenser of the wealth of this tourism.

African arts, village traditions, the natural beauty of the countryside are the main reasons to visit the region.

We can also mention the traditional carved masks, the famous wading masks, the famous bridge of vines and its legend, the folk dances, the dances of the panthers…

You can attend a new festival Tonkpi « Nihidaley », a competition of sacred masks, dances, of fights and different ways of cooking.

The surrounding nature

Starting from Man, the area offers several circuits composed of many liana bridges. At 20km from Danane in the direction of Zouan Houwien we arrive at Lieupleu, where the most visited bridge of the region (famous lianas bridge), because it is the easiest to reach.


In this place the Cavally River is wider than in other villages.

Suspended above the flowing water between the rocks, the legendary bridge, made entirely of lianas, has always aroused curiosity. Originally, a legend that said it would be built at night, with the help of a genius.

Not far from Man is also Mount Peko National Park (34,000 hectares), home to the last primary forests of West Africa with lush vegetation and flora typical of mountainous regions.

These large green areas constitute the refuge of the local fauna : this one offers a great diversity of animals of several hundred species of birds and other mammals from the smallest to the largest such as elephants.

The falls of Man

The region offers the visitor unsuspected wealth. As soon as we leave the city of Man, on the edge of the forest, we can find many monkeys (sacred animals among the Yocouba) always easy to attract with some bananas.


The path is the starting point for an hour’s walk to the famous waterfalls. After about 3 km through lush nature, we discover the natural waterfalls of the village of Zadepleu, where the birds' song and the water’s flow on the rocks blend harmoniously.

From a variable-flow river, they flow about 20 meters high and are a beautiful resting place under tall trees. Very popular, they are frequented by those who come looking for some freshness by diving in these clear waters that flow in the forest.

Local crafts in Ivory Coast

Man and his region, now split in two, have been the flags of Ivorian tourism. The craft is one of the jewels. Often associated with artistic fields such as dance, he has developed a quality know-how.


For example the sculpture of traditional masks, the making of many ornamental accessories, especially for the dances of the famous wading masks and the facial paintings.

Of all the peoples of the great west, the Dan have a great artistic sense. They have developed several other high quality craft disciplines.

Weaving is an important activity of this craft. These activities are highly developed among the Dan and Wé peoples. Just behind the Hotel Les Cascades are numerous weavers who stretch their works out on the hillsides.

Exotic woodworking and ironwork are also important with handcrafted furniture, tools, jewellery, dishes and souvenirs.

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